Part Two: Covering up Statutory Rape

In August and September of 2013, Students for Life of America (SFLA) went undercover to find out what would happen when an actor, posing as a 33 year old statutory rapist, attempted to buy the Plan B One Step (morning after) pill to forcibly give to his 15 year old girl victim and what would happen when the 33 year old admitted to pharmacists and checkout workers that he and his 15 year old “girlfriend” needed the drug to cover up their illegal sexual relationship. Would they still sell him the powerful drug, even though they knew something illegal was taking place? Watch Part Two of SFLA’s investigation to find out.

Earlier this month, Students for Life released Part One of our undercover investigation revealing what happened when a 15 year old girl attempted to buy a common cold medicine, Sudafed, as well as the Plan B One Step (morning after) pill. Surely, selling the girl cold medicine would be easy if she could obtain Plan B, a powerful, one-time dose of the birth control pill meant to prevent pregnancy (fertilization of an egg) or implantation of a human zygote (an early abortion) after unprotected sex. Watch Part One of SFLA’s Investigation (below) to find out what happened.


  • Sign our Petition to ask Walgreens, Rite Aid, and CVS drug stores to stop carrying Plan B until common-sense restrictions can be placed on Plan B to protect young girls!PlanBBox
  • Order Free Drop Cards to place in-front of Plan B boxes at your local drug store.
  • Contact your Elected Officials in Washington, D.C. and your State Capitol and demand common-sense restrictions be placed upon the sale of Plan B, like preventing the sale of the drug to minors without parental consent and allowing drug store employees to refuse to sell the drug if their conscience dictates.

Watch Part One: Common Cold Medicine vs. Plan B